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It’s easier for us to organize when we know how many people are coming. It would be great if you could register. Please tell us (if you know it already):

  • How many people are coming with you and how long do you like to stay?
  • Do you need us looking after children? How many will come with you and when do you need us?
  • Do you have allergies/ intolerances which the kitchen crew have to pay attention to?
  • How many sleeping places do you need on which days? Do you have needs concerning your accommodation?
  • Do you need translation into other languages than german or english? We are planning to have translations into sign language and whisper translations. If you need other languages, write us and we will try to organize someone!

Register at:

There is no fix participation fee, but we would be glad about donations for workshops and food.

We are happy to see you soon!